Our Mission

Steiger New Zealand is dedicated to reaching and discipling the Global Youth Culture for Jesus in New Zealand and Australia and to sending missionaries around the world.
The Wharf - Community HouseThe Wharf
Community House

God has provided us with an amazing 4 bedroom apartment in the city centre. This is the centre for community living, hosting Backpackers and running ministry events.

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Compass helps people who have decided to follow Jesus develop and maintain their Christian faith. Here you can find resources and tools to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and develop a deeper faith.

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Our goal is to establish an international network of Christian creatives that want to share the Gospel, outside of the church, through creative and relevant means.

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SteigerSteiger International

Steiger uses art, music and other forms of creativity to present Jesus in a clear and relevant way, and establishes a long-term presence in urban centers through ongoing outreach, discipleship and local church partnership.

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Steiger New Zealand is focused on reaching the Global Youth Culture for Jesus in New Zealand and Australia and raising up new missionaries to be sent all over the world.


David and Jodi Pierce shifted from Amsterdam to New Zealand more than 20 years ago. Since then we have run Steiger mission schools, run evangelistic ministries and had extensive speaking tours. In March 2012 Bryce and Kate Gilmor returned from serving in Germany with Steiger for the previous 5 years to establish a Steiger base here.

God has given us a vision to reach our local youth as well as the many thousands of Backpackers that pour into our country every year. The started with the many ministries now running in Tauranga.

Current Ministries

Steiger Tauranga
We are passionate about reaching the secularised youth across the nation with also a focus on Backpackers. We run a number of ministries including:
  • The Wharf Community House
  • Local couch surfing evangelism –run from the community house
  • Evangelistic events such as:
    • Open Mic nights
    • Singer songwriters
    • Workshops
    • Poetry slams
    • Clothing swaps
  • National No Longer Music tours
  • National Couch Surfing ministry
  • Opportunities to be missional while travelling through New Zealand – see Jandal Journeys on the Steiger NZ web site
  • Steiger NZ office
  • Steiger International Office

Future Vision

New Steiger Bases - Over the next 2 years we will be establishing bases in the other main centres around NZ starting with Wellington and then Auckland.

More Community Houses - We see community houses as an amazing way to do discipleship and encourage one another. As more people jpin the team we are keen to establich more houses that have intentional community.

Music and Arts Café - There is literally not much for the 18-35's to do in Tauranga in the evening. We want to provide an alternative to the club scene. The café will include music jam nights, art exhibitions and workshops on things that interest this age group. Steiger has some great international connections so there will also be regular evangelistic bands that play. This will be part of the Backpacker building for a great hang-out area for the guests staying there.

Backpacker Hostel – commercial hostel run by missionaries and intentionally evangelistic. See our Backpacker Hostel page for more details of the awesome vision.
Steiger NZ Team Steiger New Zealand